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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust



During my corporate career as a leader in the Fortune top ten companies, I had enjoyed being challenged to be sharp and resilient. I was entrusted with the responsibility to use breakthrough thinking to drive change and make an impact in the organizations. I stretched outside of my comfort zone to deliver results. It was exhilarating to succeed and accomplish beyond expectations. My leadership matured and I became excellent in my field.

Yet, a sense of dissatisfaction and misalignment grew during that time. There was incongruence between my head and my heart. As the battle of the two voices became louder, I came to a pivotal point to acknowledge my worthiest opponent – myself. I started on a quest to ask deeper questions and became increasingly curious about the ‘who’ within me.  I practiced listening to myself compassionately. It was only after I gave myself permission the time to think that I let my life speak.

Then coaching found me, and I embraced the calling. It has been fifteen years since that day of epiphany.

My personal journey has shaped my belief in coaching – it is beyond actions and results. It starts with an authentic connection on a ‘being’ level where minds meet and pause together. We inquire and reflect, examine beliefs and assumptions. Then, we synthesize and pragmatize the learning into strategy, planning, and actions. Coaching is a place for you to refill your own bucket. It is where you reinvent into the next best version you ever held for yourself.

Come. Pause for breath. Continue to uncover, recover, and discover the hidden wisdom.

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