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Hogan, the science of personality.

Hogan Assessments

PoYee Dorrian, MCC

Hogan is a suite of psychometric assessments based on personality, centered around human nature in order to gain insight on: 

    1. How are we alike?
    2. How are we different?
    3. Why do we, as individuals, do what we do?

Dr. Joyce Hogan and Dr. Robert Hogan founded Hogan psychometric instruments in 1987, leveraging the use of personality assessment to enhance workplace performance. The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), was the first of its kind to measure personality designed particularly for the business community.  Hogan Development Survey (HDS) was the first instrument used to identify performance risks outside the conventional model of personality.

infographic how hogan pertains to job performance

HPI Assessment: The ‘bright-side’ of personality 

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) describes normal, or ‘bright-side’ personality on how we relate to others – qualities and behavioral tendencies that are capable of enhancing organizational success when we are at our best. HPI is the industry standard for assessing personality as it relates to job performance. It is an ideal instrument to help strengthen leadership development, succession planning, talent retention, and staff selection processes. 

Whether your goal is to hire the right talent or develop future leaders, HPI provides an in-depth insight into how people work and lead, and how successful they will be.

HDS Assessment: The ‘dark-side’ of personality

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) is an authoritative personality assessment that identifies crucial blindspots that could lead to career derailment. It describes the ‘dark side’ of personality (often over-used strengths) that emerge during times of stress or increased strain when we are not monitoring our behaviors. 

HDS helps us recognize those derailing tendencies and mitigate performance risks before they become a disruption to effective performance ad organizational success. 

Hogan MVPI Assessment: The ‘inside’ of personality 

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is a measure of internal drive resulting from motives, interests, and core values that determine career satisfaction. Researchers have shown that people are happiest and most productive in an environment that is compatible or consistent with their core values. Assessing internal drivers provides insight as to what motivates an individual to be successful.

The MVPI also helps us to understand the type of job and work environment that is best suited to the individual. It offers insight on the fit between an individuals’ values/drivers and their leadership style/culture. Core values are integral to a person’s identity. When those values are not being honored, the “dark-side” could be triggered!

Whether you are elevating your leaders’ development or enhancing your assessment processes, the MVPI reports can help you identify the fundamental factors that define personalities and determine career success.

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