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Akashic – rooted in the Sanskrit word akasha – means “ethers or that which holds all.”



Since beginning my journey of personal and professional development with a deliberate emphasis on applied spirituality, I have felt a strong affinity for a higher wisdom that transcends our ordinary states of consciousness. This deep-seated belief led me to discover the Akashic Field—a profound source of universal knowledge that records the essence of all that was, that is, and will be. Delving into Akashic Wisdom felt less like a decision and more like a calling to step closer to understanding the interconnectedness of the universe and my place within it.

My first exploration of the Akashic Field was through a guided session as a student. I encountered energy unlike anything I had previously experienced. It felt as though a gateway to the infinite Wisdom of the cosmos had swung open, inviting me in. This journey was not about uncovering future fortunes but rather about connecting with a stream of knowledge that transcends time and space. It offered me a unique perspective on my life’s trials and triumphs, providing clarity and insights that resonated deeply with my quest for spiritual growth.

The experience was enriching, grounding yet ethereal, as if, for the first time, I was truly attuning to the pulse of the universe and understanding my own place within its harmony. The guidance was both affirming and reflective – fresh insights into my strengths and potential for growth.

Inspired by my initial experience, I was eager to expand and deepen my understanding of this Source field. The idea of tapping into the Akashic Wisdom not just for personal enlightenment but to assist others on their path of becoming was incredibly appealing. I made an intentional shift from being a seeker to becoming a guide, using the insights and patterns revealed in the Akashic Field to foster healing and understanding.

Cultivating a relationship with the Akashic Field has been both humbling and empowering. Click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation call with PoYee to learn more.


This learning journey has been as much about a personal transformation as it has been about permitting myself fuller access to those inherent abilities to connect to Wisdom and serve others.

I believe there is no coincidence that you are reading this now. If my journey into the Akashic Wisdom resonates with you, or if you find yourself intrigued by the mysteries and Wisdom held within the Akashic Field, I encourage you to follow your intuition and see where it leads.

Whether it is booking a session for an Akashic Reading or learning through an Akashic Wisdom course, abundant discovery is waiting for you. Your journey to the heart of your soul’s story is ready to begin.

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