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Real Clients Share Their Experiences

PoYee has worked internationally with a variety of clients and organizations. Here is what coaches, leaders, and executives are saying…

Waimānalo Health Center (WHC) participated in a team coaching experience with PoYee and her co-coach partner Houda. Individual coaching also occurred with each member of our team. As the CEO of WHC, team coaching was an incredible opportunity to strengthen our relationship and trust with each team member. Throughout this journey, invaluable tools were shared and experienced, resulting in critical feedback from team and other staff members. The coaches exhibited compassion and posed crucial questions/reflections to help us “sit with” the discomfort or uneasiness of the feedback, but still move towards creating a trusting and accountable environment. Their insights about and flow through the dynamics of our team was remarkable and impactful. Although the time required and feedback received may not have been easy, it was an exercise in accountability and commitment to the mission of our organization. I am truly grateful for having participated in the team coaching experience with PoYee and Houda.

Team CoachingHospitals & Health Care Industry, Team Coaching

Coaching sessions with PoYee have been very meaningful and insightful. She is a very seasoned coach with a wide experience with various business challenges. She is an intentional listener with insightful questions.
The coaching sessions have been extremely useful in helping me overcome challenges and improve the quality of my business.

Director of Commercial BankingGlobal Financial Institution, Hong Kong

Qualities of genuineness, warmth, care, and compassion were consistently displayed and experienced during my individual coaching experience. I was struck by how perceptive the coaches were to experiences I shared and the resulting reflective questions they generated, for deeper thinking. They listened and posed questions, exercises, or readings to consider for my benefit. I looked forward to our individual coaching sessions, the experience kept me grounded.

Individual Coaching CEO, Hospitals & Health Care Industry

The coaching I received was first rate… Occasionally, we had to ‘feel our way’ through coaching sessions, to identify the most fruitful conversation. But we always got there – and the time spent finding the right conversation to have was probably inevitable as we needed to get my rambling thoughts in order! The coaching kept me motivated through tough times and helped me to set a new path. PoYee gave me a fresh perspective on my biggest challenges, and enabled me to step up as a leader.

Head of EducationProfessional Development Organization, Australia

The biggest takeaway was the intentionality I need to bring to “us” as a leader. PoYee is a great coach. Her ability to listen is exceeded only by her ability to deliver penetrating insights at the most opportune time. PoYee and I established strong rapport and she was able to help me grow in a couple of key areas. I also found she has a strong instinct for recognizing things that are not being said, and also for teasing out deeper underlying issues.

PresidentEducation, USA

Excellent coaching. One of the best I have experienced. The coaching sessions were in the form of dialogues and allowed me through interaction to derive excellent insights into my behaviour and attitudes. PoYee made great effort to understand me and was able to relate to me very well which made her gain my trust to be able to converse freely and share my thoughts.   I would like to thank her for her time and effort and appreciate all her observations.  As a result, I have been able to make flex to my style of leadership to facilitate better stakeholder engagement and build strong relationships with new teams.

Head of Credit InitiationGlobal Financial Institution, Singapore

Coaching sessions were very fluid vs following a rigid, structured agenda, which worked well for me. PoYee allowed us to go in directions that were relevant for me at that time (which seemed to change with every session).  She seeks understanding and clarity. She challenges while not being aggressive or threatening. Her sincerity was evident. Being able to speak to PoYee has allowed me to ‘hear’ it and receive it differently – see things through a different lens.

Director in BD & OperationsCPG Company, USA

PoYee’s overall approach and style in coaching is very warm yet effective. She is able to poke and gently guide without offending. There’s usually a method to her line of questioning. It’s not clear initially, but she always brings it together. Her style worked very well with me. The overall success of the coaching in attaining worthwhile objectives for my business unit and me can be attributed to her very pragmatic approach in co-designing action for me to experiment, so we can discuss next time.  She keeps diligent notes, so nothing goes forgotten. PoYee is very authentic, non-judgmental with much compassion and patience.

Sr. DirectorCPG Company, USA

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