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CO-PRESENCING: Demystifying coaching supervision

In the news: Journey to Excellencechoice magazine coaching supervision Journey by Poyee

There are a couple of common questions I often hear from my experience in developing coach supervisors:

  1. What is the difference between coaching and supervision?
  2. How do you define supervision?

These questions are probably impossible to answer because the distinction between coaching and supervision is elastic and individualized. I have always wondered whether the wanting to find a definition at the onset of learning deters them from wondering and exploring.

Super-vision is a continuously unfolding and evolving collaborative relationship of co-presencing, with shared learning at its heart.

A few thought leaders and pioneers steeped in the field of coaching supervision shared their points of view as follows… Click here to read the article Journey to Excellence which was published in Choice, the magazine of professional coaching (Volumen 21 · Number 1).

What is Coaching Supervision?coaching supervision

From the most simplistic level (a balcony view), coaching supervision is coaching for coaches and practitioners alike where the primary focus of the conversation is around all aspects of their practice by using specific client cases.

From an expanded level (a helicopter view), coaching supervision is about activating the body of knowledge in the relational space – within self, between individuals, among groups, and across a web of systems – all in service of deepening the level of coaching conversations and elevating the quality of coach practice.

From a transformative level (an alchemist view), coaching supervision provides a platform for coaches/practitioners to awake to a broader understanding of human being and a fuller appreciation of the dynamics brought forth by the complex and profound systems in which we all take part to create.

Click here to read more about Coaching Supervision.

Who is PoYee?

PoYee Dorrian is a multicultural executive coach and facilitator with over 25 years of experience and focuses on developing purposeful leadership in individuals and organizations. Continuously evolving her practice with a whole-being understanding, her proprietary leadership programs blend insight from the East and the West. Building on a foundation of proven facilitation and coaching approaches, PoYee believes in the power of experiential learning. Her vision is to bring to life regenerative leadership, fueled by vitality, agility, and mindfulness. She hopes to inspire curiosity and nurture human connection one conversation at a time.

Grounded in her cross-cultural upbringing and international work experience, PoYee is passionate about systemic leadership transformation. She specializes in coaching supervision, mentor coaching, and leadership coaching.

In addition to receiving the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), PoYee is also a fully certified Mentor Coach and accredited Coach Supervisor, recognized by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), allowing her to work with fellow practitioners to deepen their craft in the field of coaching.


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