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Define Your Direction

Achieving your goals starts with defining them

When I meet with a new client and they want to set goals, the first step is one of self-discovery. Meaningful goals come from knowing oneself – your best source of wisdom.  Aside from being candid with your strengths and developmental opportunity, it is pivotal to understanding how those elements interplay with your overall vision, personally and professionally.  

Setting the foundation: It starts with “Why”

Once you have set some meaningful goals, we have a framework for action. The next step is to review each goal and ask yourself ‘why’ five times. This exercise will help you unpack the truth and meaning of your goals, so you are in complete agreement with yourself in achieving them.  

Drafting the blueprint: “What” is your vision?

Next, have the end in mind. Imagine you were an artist starting with a brand-new canvas. What is the picture that you’d like to see? Abstract, scenery, animal, portrait, etc.?  

Plan the work: “How” will you get there?

Finally, determine how you will produce that painting – what kind of tools, resources, environment, and network support will facilitate you as the mastermind of your work of art?  

When leverage the simple framework of Why (the foundation), What (the blueprint), How (the execution), accomplishing goals become a manageable step-change process.  

We all have two choices: we can make a living or we can design a life.

Jim Rohn

You are the most priceless project of your life. Be an astute creator of your future.

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